Google Rolls Out New Smart Campaigns and Image Picker to Help Small Businesses with Online Ads

Google Smart campaigns

Google made several new rebranding and product update announcements last week for its analytics and advertising products, many of which are only used by large businesses. However, two of those updates announced are focused on making it easier for small businesses to join the online advertising game.

Smart Campaigns

Google Smart Campaigns is a new campaign type under the Google Ads suite that is aimed toward helping small business owners who don’t have their own marketing staff or expertise in managing online ad campaigns. This new campaign type uses machine learning that factors in audience behavior, location, device, and other signals to target advertising to the right set of potential customers based on the advertiser’s goal. These goals include phone calls, visits to the advertiser’s web site, and requests for directions.

And to make campaign management even easier, Smart campaigns are almost entirely automated, from the ad creative that appears to optimizing ad delivery. Introducing Image Picker

Image Picker

I’ve advised small business clients quite often to make sure they are posting fresh images in their online profiles. Not only do images go a long way to help customers get a feel for a business’ products and services, they hold SEO benefits if they’re properly captioned and meta tagged.

Google Image Picker Google Ads
The new Image Picker tool within Google’s Smart Campaigns suggests a businesses top images and creates ads using existing copy.

The new Image Picker tool within Smart Campaigns will help small businesses easily get started with advertising online by simply leveraging their top images posted. The tool suggests three images to use in ad creative, or the advertiser can upload their own. It then uses these images, along with copy selected from the Google My Business profile, to create the ads. As the ads run Smart Campaigns tests combinations of images and copy, optimizing placement based upon which ones perform better.

Smart Campaigns is now available all across the US, and will be rolled out globally throughout the rest of this year. More information can be found in the Smart Campaigns support documentation.



Images courtesy of Google.