Google Data Studio

Spend Time Building Your Business РNot Reading Spreadsheets

Order processing. Payroll. Financial projections. Finding new customers. A business owner has to get an endless amount of things done to keep the business moving and growing, and efficiency is the name of the game.

So you certainly don’t want to spend your time scanning through chart after chart in Google Analytics with its numerous gray rows of data just to get to the most important information.

Let’s be honest – Google Analytics is a great tool, but it can be visually deadly:


Don’t let your critical web data insights get lost in a sea of gray. Google Data Studio takes web analytics reporting into a new dimension, with easy-to-read and even-easier-to-interpret graphics that get to the heart of what online data is really important to your business.


Ambition Digital can work with you to create Google Data Studio reports to help you review and analyze key information at a glance. We’ll work with you to create customized reports that show exactly what’s important to your business.¬† And that your stakeholders will actually read.

Cross-Platform Data Integration

Say good-bye to the days of logging into numerous online marketing platforms to see how they’re all performing. You can pull them all into Data Studio and see at a glance, in one report, what you want to know – saving you time and the headaches of having to remember all those passwords.

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