Google Analytics

Google Analytics consulting logo Ambition DigitalGoogle Analytics gives amazingly detailed data about what’s happening on your web site: who’s visiting, how they got there, what they look at once they’re there, and for how long – you name it.  It’s a great resource for measuring how well your web site is performing.

But let’s face it, not every business owner is ‘into’ looking at data.  Or more importantly, doesn’t have time to learn yet another tool to help run their business.

Working With Google Analytics

Google Analytics has tabs and tabs of different data points, all with endless charts and numbers.  How do you reign in all of this information to get to the bottom of what’s working well on your web site?

Lots of web site owners quickly learn that getting started with Google Analytics is pretty similar to assembling Swedish furniture: it looks simple enough on the outside, but when you start putting things together you realize there are many pieces and parts that can quickly become overwhelming.

The next thing you know it’s after midnight and you’re sitting with a hex wrench and leftover pieces of somethingorother, ready to pull your hair out, and still with nothing useful. That’s no way to run your business.

Understanding how to fully implement Google Analytics in a way that helps measure what’s critical to your business often requires help.

Google Analytics for Mid-Sized Businesses

Ambition Digital helps business owners and marketing executives wade through their Google Analytics to understand how to pull out what’s important to their online business goals: ecommerce sales, blog views, sales leads, downloads, and more.  We make sure your accounts are properly set up to collect the right data and leave out the wrong data, discovering which marketing strategies are best at converting visitors to customers, and critical issues like how not to lose data from 3rd party booking or payment portals.

We set up some of the essential elements of your GA account using best practices to ensure integrity in your analytics data, such as cross-domain tracking and filtering.  Then we show you how to apply the right dimensions and metrics in reports to match your customers’ search intent and your business goals, learn and fix barriers to online sales and other conversions, and recognize your most profitable web traffic referral sources.

And in the end, we help you make sense of the numbers so you know what actions to take to grow your business.

Google Analytics for Larger Organizations

Ambition Digital also consults with large, high-revenue organizations to address more complex technical issues with Google Analytics such as measuring the effects of both your online and offline campaign results, understanding which of your marketing channels drives the highest return, customer segmentation, campaign tagging, mobile app tracking, and more.

We understand the importance of getting the right information about your web site’s performance to your stakeholders.  We’ve reported to senior executives, board members, and numerous stakeholders – so we know the importance of creating web metrics reports that powerfully communicate your key performance indicators, along with establishing a reporting structure that helps take the work load off your hands.  Our expertise is supported by numerous Google Analytics certifications, so you’ll be confident the counsel we provide is guided by Google’s own rigorous competency standards.

Ambition Digital also partners with agencies and other consultants to assess their clients’ analytics data collection.  We provide insights to understanding their marketing mix strength for driving ecommerce revenue, and for building their brand.

Need help making your web analytics provide value for your business? Let’s talk.