Google Analytics Auditing

No, we’re not talking about the kind of audit that involves an IRS nerd with a calculator, demanding receipts. 

We’re talking about a good kind of audit. The kind that gives you the confidence that the numbers you’re using to measure traffic and activity on your web site are what you think they are. That your account is set up right, and your visitor numbers are solid. That your online transaction data is accurate. And that your valuable audience data is being collected.

But What Can Go Wrong?

Lots of business owners understand the value of their web site’s analytics, so they open up a Google Analytics account, pop the code into their web site, and call it a day. Information starts flowing in, so no worries!

But the truth is, Google Analytics isn’t as user-friendly as it looks. There’s actually quite a bit of setup and configuration needed to make sure it’s getting the info you need.

Unfortunately lots of business owners and marketers don’t realize this until they’ve been collecting bad data for months, or even years. Or worse yet – they’re spending money and making business decisions based on bad data. It shows up in a number of ways, such as:

  • thousands of ‘visits’ that are actually just your employees
  • content reports with hundreds of thousands of pages listed
  • (not set) showing up everywhere in your reports
  • artificially high or low bounce rates
  • marketing campaigns not coded so they’re accurately tracked
  • or worse yet – data not collected because the code was missing from some of a web site’s pages.

They may also not be taking advantage of a number of measurement features that Google Analytics offers that can be invaluable to building their busineess:

  • site search
  • custom dimensions and metrics
  • enhanced ecommmerce tracking 
  • goal tracking and goal funnels 
  • audience targeting through remarketing
  • linking with other Google accounts like AdWords and Search Console

These a just a few of the over 100+ points covered in a Google Analytics audit. With so much that can be out of order, it makes sense to have a professional review your account to identify and clean up anything that needs tidying.

Don’t Take Risks With Your Web Analytics – Get Your Google Analytics Audited

If you’re not inclined to take risks with your web analytics, talk to us about a Google Analytics audit. We’ll comb through your site and make sure your setup and analytics collection are cleaner than Martha Stewart’s closets. You’ll sleep better than if you’d spent the night her 300-thread-count organic cotton sheets.

And although you won’t likely get to hang out with Snoop Dogg, you’ll fo shizzle be making business decisions based on solid web data. 

Contact us today.